Original Entrants:

  1. Naveen Arakkal: TV actor known for playing villainous roles.

  2. Janaki Sudheer: TV and film actress.

  3. Lakshmi Priya: Popular cine-TV actress.

  4. Robin Radhakrishnan: Dr. Robin, fitness advocate and social media personality.

  5. Dhanya Mary Varghese: Popular actress and dancer.

  6. Shalini Nair: TV actress and host, best known for her character in 'Vanambadi'.

  7. Jasmine Moosa: Fashion designer and TV personality.

  8. Akhil Kutty: Comedian and TV actor.

  9. Daisy David: Model and influencer.

  10. Ronson Vincent: TV actor, biker, fitness enthusiast.

  11. Nimisha P S: Social media influencer.

  12. Aswin Vijay: Model and influencer.

  13. Aparna Mulberry: Singer and music composer.

  14. Sooraj Thelakkad: Popular actor and comedian.

  15. Muhammad Diligent Blesslee: Musician and singer.

  16. Dilsha Prasannan: Model and influencer, winner of Season 4.

  17. Suchithra Nair: TV actress and host.

Wild card entries:

  1. Riyas Salim: Social media influencer and engineer.

  2. Vinay Madhav: Chef and brother of actress Parvathy Nambiar.